What really pisses me off, is the fact that we've got two choices as far as a president goes. Sure we could vote for others, I mean a choice as in that choice could actually win. With the nomination of Hillary, and Donald. It just shows people really dont pay attention to what's going on. Hillary, she cant even handle two email accounts. Donald is a television star, not saying that it cant be done, because it has, and he was an OK president. Regan was also republican, and did dirty shit. Im going to run for president one of these days. I doubt I'll ever get far, but I promise this, I'll be honest from day one. There wont be any scandels, no lying about something no matter how bad the news is. I will also be compassionate to all peoples views. I am an atheist, but that does not mean I wont respect the teachings of religion, besides its everyones right to live how they choose to live, as long as it doesnt hurt anyone.